Make messy mealtimes a thing of the past with the Tuck n' Roll Bib, a must-have feeding accessory for all little foodies from purée gourmands to table food connoisseurs! A built-in pocket easily catches food to keep your child’s clothes nice and clean, plus it has a unique design that is thinner at the top and gradually thicker towards the bottom so it’s comfortable yet sturdy. The Tuck n' Roll Bib is designed to make meals more fun for everyone in the family – less mess to clean means more time together at the table!


Cleaning up after a yummy (but messy!) meal is easier than ever - the Tuck n' Roll Bib is made from food-grade silicone so it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Between meals, you can rinse with warm water and mild dish soap to keep it squeaky clean!  


Mom pro-tip*


*Thanks to the tuck n' roll design of the Bib, you can easily store utensils in the pocket tray to keep those eating essentials in one convenient spot. When not in use, simply roll the collar down into the pocket and secure using the raised logo snap on the back.


Why moms love the Tuck n' Roll Bib:


  • Built-in pocket keeps baby’s clothes clean
  • Adjustable snap closure for a comfy fit
  • Easy to wash (and dishwasher safe!)
  • Convenient tuck n' roll design for storage
  • Dries instantly between each use

Tuck n' Roll Bib - Mint